The Application Process
All interested students must submit an application for the International Baccalaureate Optional School Program.  These applications are available at the Department of Optional Schools and Advanced Academics at the SCS Board of Education, 160 S. Hollywood, Room C106.  Please check the Optional School website for the dates that Optional School applications are available.
The Admissions Requirements
All applicants for the International Baccalaureate Program at Germantown High School must meet the following qualifications:
Students must submit a copy of the most recent comprehensive report card showing A’s and B’s, with no more than one C as a semester average in academic subjects. Students must also have no D’s or F’s as a semester average in any subject.
On a current nationally normed achievement test, students must score at or above the 80th percentile on the Reading/ Language Arts subtest or its equivalent AND on the Mathematics subtest or its equivalent.
Satisfactory conduct grades and attendance are also required. No more than 15 absences and/or tardies are acceptable.
The IB coordinator will schedule a personal interview and writing sample for all students who satisfy the requirements listed above.